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There are 3 key technologies that should be evaluated before making a decision. 1. Identity resolution technologies are platforms or software that integrate consumer identifiers across channels and devices in a way that is accurate, scalable and privacy compliant to create a persistent and addressable individual profile. 2. A client data platform (CDP) is a system that collects first, second and third-party customer data, processes and stores them in a central database that can be used to serve different marketing requirements. 3. A data clean room (CDR) is a secure virtual space as environment where advertisers and publishers could broadcast content and advertise.  All rooms come with pre-built privacy and security.


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The interplay between identity resolution platforms and client data platforms, utilizing first-party data, paves the way for the emergence of data clean rooms. Delving into a range of topics, we provide a detailed exploration:

  • Identity Resolution platforms empowers Client's Data Platforms (CDP) to connect to authenticated users.  All the tools and platforms that collect customer data and create a single identifier for each individual customer across different devices and channels enables the CDPs to provide a unified and consistent access to the customer’s journey and behavior, as well as to deliver personalized and relevant experiences to the customers.
  • First Party Data is the data that is collected directly by the brand from its own customers, such as website visits, app usage, email subscriptions, purchases, etc. First-party data is considered to be the most valuable and reliable source of customer information, as it reflects the actual preferences and interests of the customers. CDPs help to manage and activate first-party data across different marketing channels and platforms.
  • Data Clean Rooms allow advertisers and brands to provide last-mile event and campaign experience thus mitigating  inclusion of Bad Actors, Deep Fake AI, and inclusion of Fake Content post Cookies deprecation.  Digital Media Rooms (DCR) enable cross-platform integration, CDN Stream, Multicast, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Widget, HTML5 embeddable optimization and targeting rooms based on first-party data. MXCG.AI platform could be a great value for a holistic customers' expereience.
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Here are a few reasons why to adapt to Digital Media Room as the most powerful Data Clean Room:

  • Data Clean Rooms help Brands and SaaS providers comply with the basic privacy regulations, such as those laid out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).
  • Data Clean Rooms allow media publishing and share genuine content and insights with trusted viewers, fostering collaboration and innovation.
  • Data Clean Rooms offer the necessary tools and infrastructure to provide raw data analysis, such as AI and Machine Learning, consumer journey, audience overlap, and mix modeling.
  • Data Clean Rooms prioritize data privacy and compliance by implementing strict controls and protocols, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the data involved.
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  • Data Clean Rooms enable Brands & Distributors to leverage their rich and unique content and ads to attract more buyers and increase revenue.
  • Data Clean Rooms provide a secure environment where multiple parties can collaborate on sensitive data without compromising its confidentiality or integrity.
  • Data Clean Rooms support cross-platform measurement, attribution, optimization and targeting of campaigns based on first-party data .
  • Data Clean Rooms protect data ownership and control, as well as consumers' privacy, by not exposing any personally identifiable information (PII) or sensitive data to third parties.
  • Data Clean Rooms enable print & online to overcome the challenges posed by the deprecation of third-party cookies and other identifiers, as well as to comply with the data regulations and consumer expectations.
  • Data Clean Rooms facilitate fast and versatile real-time engagement with analysis connected to popular programming languages.