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Firefly Sugar Cone filled with rainbow Ice Cream with Flower made of galaxy, stars, under the water


KROOM DCR cityscape


METAXCHANGE.AI INC. and its cloud service providers and suppliers are dedicated to upholding environmental, social, and governance regulations while empowering and safeguarding client services online. Our unwavering commitment to transparency ensures that we provide valuable insight to our stakeholders. As we make time, we will diligently compile the ESG Impact Report, which delves into the company's performance and advancements in our five crucial ESG areas: sustainability, people, responsible business practices, privacy, data security, and the Corporate Core Foundation.
kroom Sugar Cone


With a team of experienced founders and developers, METAXCHANGE.AI has gained valuable expertise in privacy, data security, and optimization. We prioritize delivering a seamless experience for our users and content publishers by optimizing data packets and ensuring smooth traffic flow.

With our revolutionary KROOM feature, we offer a cutting-edge interactive video collaboration service that not only saves you time and eliminates traffic congestion but also reduces the hassle of waiting in long queues. By utilizing our service, you can also contribute to reducing your carbon footprint and enjoy the benefits of hybrid work, embrace journalism, enter into a private newsroom, and watch online streaming event services. Join us and empower yourself with innovative policies tailored to your needs.