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We aim to provide brands and distribution networks with innovative products and platforms that connect them with supply-chan and buyers worldwide. Through delivering enriching content and services, we aspire to enhance the lives of individuals, families, and communities. Our ultimate objective is to establish ourselves as the leading supplier of Data Clean Room and offer creative services as solution provider.

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At METAXCHANGE.AI, our core mission is to elevate brands and distributors by equipping them with cutting-edge technology that not only informs and engages but also empowers consumers and buyers alike. Our commitment lies in furnishing our clientele with the most advanced strategic platforms, unparalleled expertise, and the smooth fusion of Data Clean Room technology with post-cookie strategies to amplify their potential and broaden their reach.


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- Enhance browsing experience with our cutting-edge Post Cookie Browser Support.

- Unlock the potential of our unparalleled Data Clean Rooms, designed to optimize Real-Time interaction & content management.

- Seamlessly connect to preferred Identity Resolution Platforms like 2FA, MFA, OAuth, Biometric, AI Facial, and others as a Service and unlock a world of possibilities.

- Connect Rooms to the Client Data Platform (CDP) and empower seamless data integration like never before.

- Unleash the full potential online and print publishers with iCDN.VIDEO & ROOM revolutionary CAPEX platforms, tailor-made for print and online publishers' success.

- Experience the utmost privacy and security with optional onion-layered exclusive Data Clean Rooms, solely for our valued clients.

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  • Leverage brands rich and unique first-party data to connect and attract more buying interaction.
  • Offer more value-added collaborative services to their advertisers, such as cross-platform reach, streaming, frequency capping, incrementality expansion, and attribution modeling.
  • Protect Distributors' data ownership and control, as well as their consumers' privacy, by not exposing any personally identifiable information (PII) or sensitive data to third parties.
  • Utilize advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) Video Streaming to gain deeper insights into audiences and content performance, as well as to create more engaging and personalized experiences for consumers.